3P Gallery & Racy Clark Results Feb 3 & 4, 2018

LVSA Gallery report on Feb 3 & 4, 2018
The final 3 position match for the spring season was contested by 2 souls on Sat the 3rd. Kenny Lankford, Laramie easily bested the local shooter by posting a 559 out of 600 to earn the match win. Roger Sebesta’s 495 was a slight improvement over his Jan match but a long ways from giving the winner any concern.
Shooter prone standing kneeling agg
Lankford 99+98 84+88 93+97 559
Sebesta 90+92 77+73 78+79 495
Feb 4th was the annual 100 shot Racy Clark match. This is fired on the A17 target which is a lot more forgiving than the NRA/USA 50 used in 3 position. It was a disappointment not to have additional shooters for this event as it used to be quite popular. Not so this year with only 2 willing to give it a try. Kenny Lankford grabbed a 20 point lead after the 1st 20 shots and never needed to worry about gaining the win.
Lankford 92-2 95-5 98-5 95-4 95-4 94-4 94-5 96-3 97-2 948-37X Match winner
Sebesta 82-0 85-1 86-0 85-1 79-0 82-0 79-0 82-1 89-2 834-6X
There is still many evenings of smallbore gallery shooting at the indoor range Tues evenings 7-9PM. The outdoor metallic silhouette competition starts Feb 18 weather permitting.
Best wishes Roger Sebesta

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