SB/HP Silhouette Results – 04.15.18

LVSA Rifle Silhouette Report

April 15, 2018

Under an overcast sky, the four high power rifle shooters attempted to topple metal targets sitting at distances from 200 to 500 meters. All shooting is standing without the use of slings or specialized clothing. Ten shots are fired at each of 4 different animal shapes: 200 m chickens, 300 m pigs, 377 m turkeys and 500 m big horn rams. A point is earned for each target knocked off from its stand. The early temp of 38 slowly warmed to near 60 before the days program was finished. A puffy, gusty, multi-directional wind gave the afternoon smallbore shooters difficulty in placing shots.

Competitors first used their hunting rifles, maximum weight 9#, trigger pull at least 2#, with a few other rules but generally thought of as hunting rather than target guns. Ronald Kamp. Daniel, WY was the match winner with 26 including 9 of the distant rams. Roger Sebesta’s 13 was top in class AA. Tony Cross won the A class with 18.
The second 40 was with standard high power rifles. These can be more specialized, up to 10# 2 ounces with any safe trigger. Several use the hunting rifle in both matches. Larron Dolence, Lander, out distanced the others with a 20 and posted his 1st 10 in a row on chickens. Congratulations on earning a leg toward your Grand-Slam pin. Kamp was 1st AAA @ 14. Tony Cross posted 19 for the AA win.

After a short lunch break, the .22 standard rifles took to the line with 5 competing. This is fired at 1/5th scale targets at 1/5th distances. Rifles can weigh 10# 2 oz. with any safe trigger. More and more shooters are using their hunting rifles in both SB events. Ronald Kamp put 30 animals into the dirt for the match win, including 10 chickens. Sebesta @ 19 got AAA. Cross @ 20 won AA. Dolence took A with a count of 23.
The program’s last 40 was with the SB hunting rifles. The gusting winds lowered the scores for most. Not so for winner Tony Cross, Lander, who posted 22. Kamp’s 19 was top in master, Sebesta’s 19 was 1st AAA. Anthony Fuller, Wheatland @ 18 won AA and Dolence @ 21 took the A award.

Thank you for making this another enjoyable, safe event. I appreciate all the assistance in setting up and take down. The May 20th event will start with smallbore and followed with the high power. All safe shooters are welcome. Need further information??

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