SB/HP Silhouette Results – 05.20.18

MAY 20, 2018

After a couple of days of wet weather and muddy access roads, we were glad to have sun, calm and drying conditions to haul targets out to their stands. The AM temp was 45 but reached near 70 before the final shots were sent down range. Mirage played with sight pictures, switching right to left then boiling, then switching directions.

The same five dedicated shooters attended as in April, some having personal best and others not shooting up to their potential. That is why the sport has shooter classes, even though all are wanting the match winner award. Each rifle division fired a 40 shot program at the proper distances.

First up were the standard smallbore rifles, Tony Cross, Lander, posted 27 for the win. Ron Kamp, Daniel, was 1st AAA with 25. Wheatland resident, Anthony Fuller’s 21 was top in AA. Larron Dolence, Lander, took class A with 18.

Hunter smallbore rifles came to the line for the next portion of the program. Ron Kamp got back on track with a 24 for the win. Cross had to win a shoot off to win AA after a tie Fuller at 19. Dolence was A winner at 16.

The break for lunch allowed the road a little more time to dry. Minimal ruts were left when pulling the target trailer out to 500 meters before unloading the ton of metal targets in preparation for the high power shooting. Standard rifles took to the line and Tony Cross directed his newly barreled 6.5 x 55 to the win by toppling 23 of the 40. Kamp was 1st in AAA @ 16. Sebesta @ 17 took AA and Dolence’s 21 topped class A.

The final 40 for the program was with high power hunting rifles. Larron Dolence garnered his 1st Match Win after a shoot off with Cross to break the 17 tie. Cross then got the class A award. The shoot off was on the 385 meter turkey targets. Kamp’s 13 earned AAA 1st and Sebesta’s 11 was good for 1st AA.

The next rifle silhouette matches will be June 10. All safe shooters are welcome. The program is on

Match Director Roger Sebesta

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