Mid-Range Challenge Results – 06.03.18

Dear Fans of Mid-Range Shooting (i.e. 600yds):

The first Mid-Range Challenge of the season was scheduled for May 19, but unfortunately that event was rained out.

The second scheduled Mid-Range Challenge was held today, Sunday June 2, and the weather was great: sunny skies, moderate temperatures, and gentle winds.

Twenty-three scores were logged in two matches. The results are posted below.

Four new shooters joined our ranks today: Shelly Valentine (Ron’s daughter), Terry Thomas, Dennis Pendergast, and Bob Hede. Hopefully they will become regulars on the 600yd firing line.

Thanks are offered to all who helped with set-up, take-down, etc. These matches couldn’t happen without you.

The next Mid-Range Challenge is scheduled for Saturday June 16. Se-up starts at 8am. A good time is guaranteed to be had by all.

Charlie Piette
Match Director

Match 1 points X count
Bruce Berg 100 7
Tom Spriggs 100 6
Pat Surline 100 5
Dennis Pendergast 100 3
Shelly Valentine 100 3
Ron Valentine 99 6
Charlie Piette 99 5
Joe Bautz 99 1
Bruce Campbell 98 2
Dan Meserve 97 5
Donn Molyneux 97 1
Terry Thomas 93 1
John Nichols 92 0

Match 2 points X count
Tom Spriggs 100 7
Dan Meserve 100 4
Bruce Berg 100 2
Pat Surline 99 7
Charlie Piette 99 4
Bob Hede 97 1
Donn Molyneux 97 1
Joe Bautz 96 1
Bruce Campbell 91 0

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