SB/HP Silhouette Results – 06.10.18

JUNE 10, 2018
The 75 degree temperature at 7:30AM told that unusual weather was going to offer shooters a challenge. The sky was mostly clear while the air was traveling every direction in gusts up to 50MPH. Four high power rifle shooters did their best to out-guess the bullet’s path while being jostled by the gusts. Larron Dolence, Lander won the 40 shot match with a 13. First AA was earned by Tony Cross with 11. After 40 shots fired at the 385 meter turkeys only 1 was hit.
The wind slacked slightly for the high power hunting rifle 40 shot event. Roger Sebesta toppled 15 for the win. Cross took 1st AA @ 12 and Dolence placed 1st A with 10.
Shortly after noon the smallbore rifles were readied to try for success. Wind flags, dust and passing shadows from clouds could not agree on the wind direction. Cross used a borrowed rifle on his way to the win at 22. Sebesta @ 16 was top in AAA. Anthony Fuller, Wheatland was the AA winner @ 20. Dolence had 11 for best in class A.
The final 40 shot were with the SB hunting rifles. Sebesta put 16 into the dirt for the win. Cross at 15 was top AAA. Fuller won the AA class @ 13. Dolence’s 12 was top in A.
Dan Wanfalt, Pinedale elected to try silhouette shooting and did well. He expects to be able to attend more matches next season. He’ll miss the July Championships in order to take 4-H shooters to their State Matches.
This was the final ‘approved’ event of the season. July 7-8 LVSA will host the WY rifle silhouette championships. CO, ND, and SD shooters will join those from WY in a 2×40 shot program in each of the 4 rifle divisions. A few spaces remain for the championships. The program is posted on

Roger Sebesta match director

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