Mid-Range Challenge Results – 07.14.18

July 14, 2018

Dear LVSA Members and Friends:

The fourth of this season’s seven Mid-Range Challenges is in the books. Typical summer temperatures and interesting wind, especially in the second match, greeted competitors on a fine day to be at the range – aren’t they all.

Twenty-eight scores were logged in two matches, 15 in the first, 13 in the second.

Our shooting buddie and friend Ron Valentine left Lander this past Wednesday to continue medical treatment in Bellevue, Washington. Given his absence, I shot my first round for him. As luck would have it, it was my personal best. Thanks Ron, and get well. We’ll see you in six weeks (but I’ll keep the prize money).

The second round saw a three-way tie for first place: 100-7X’s by Bruce Berg, Tony Cross, and Tom Spriggs. Nice shooting. Rather than using a formula or procedure to resolve the distribution of the $26 prize money, we held a shoot-off. The three first-place finishers split the $26 as follows: Bruce $13, Tony $9, Tom $4. It was interesting.

Once again, we stapled fresh centers as each shooter took his/her place on the firing line. The targets were saved and given to the shooters for study.

Many thanks to all who helped. You are truly appreciated.

The next Mid-Range Challenge will be held on Sunday August 5. Plan to be there. You will not be disappointed.

Charlie Piette
Match Director

The following shows the score and X counts.

Match 1 points X count
Ron Valentine (Piette) 100 7
Bruce Berg 100 6
Tony Cross 100 5
Dennis Pendergast 100 3
Tom Spriggs 100 2
Dan Thomas 99 6
Joe Bautz 99 5
John Nichols 99 2
Donn Molyneux 97 3
Pat Surline 97 1
Tony Simmers 96 1
Mindy Supino 95 1
Larron Dolence 92 1
Teri Thomas 91 4
Hezekiah Dolence 85 0

Match 2 points X count
Bruce Berg 100 7
Tony Cross 100 7
Tom Spriggs 100 7
Dan Thomas 100 3
Dennis Pendergast 100 0
Joe Bautz 99 6
Charlie Piette 99 5
Donn Molyneux 98 3
John Nichols 98 2
Pat Surline 96 2
Teri Thomas 93 1
Tony Simmers 86 1
Mindy Supino 82 2

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