.22LR 50yd BR Results – 06.03.19

Dear .22LR 50yd BR Shooters and Friends:

After two consecutive rained-out Mondays, today’s .22LR 50yd Bench Rest Match saw near perfect conditions: sunny skies, moderate temperatures, and a wind, while varying in direction and intensity, was readable. The scores reflected this, as well as the eagerness of the competitors to be back on the firing line.

Thirty-seven scores were logged, three with irons and 34 with scopes.

We welcomed two young shooters to our ranks, cousins Brighton Gould and Ashton Neill, and their grandfather Richard Bird. Hopefully this was a good start in firearm competition for the boys. We enjoyed their presence. I would venture a guess that they will be asking Santa/Grandpa for a step up from the scopes they were using. Good for them, good for all three.

My usual thanks are offered to all the shooters and all the helpers. You make my Match Director job look easy.

Weather permitting, we will be back at this next week.

Charlie Piette

Match Director

The following lists the round 1, round 2, and aggregate scores and X counts. Ties are sorted by the shooters’ last names. k

TomSpriggs 40X200151991339928
LindaJoBrown 40X1937195638813
JerryYork 40X188101981138621
TomSpriggs 40X200182001940037
JerryYork 40X200182001940037
DallasBaker Ans200182001840036
TomSpriggs Kimber200152002040035
CharliePiette CZ200162001840034
CharliePiette Sako200152001940034
KentSchmidlin 37 2200182001640034
DonnMolyneux 40X 1200162001740033
Joe [B]Bautz 40X200172001540032
KentSchmidlin 37 1200152001540030
Bob [T]Trebelcock 541 2199182001839936
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X199172001839935
Bruce [B]Berg 40X 1200171991739934
Bob [T]Trebelcock 541 1199152001739932
RichardBird 10/22199162001539931
DonnMolyneux 40X 2199152001639931
RichardBrown Ansch 1199132001139924
RichardBrown Ansch 2200151981639831
Bruce [B]Berg 40X 2199131991739830
RodgerMardock Sav198122001439826
LindaJoBrown 40X198131991639729
RickYoung Ans 2198151981039625
EdNewell Volquar19915196739522
Bob [H]Hede 52 2196111981439425
HelenNichols 10/22196111971439325
Joe [N]Nemick Sav196101971339323
DennisKoppenhafer 10/2219713195939222
DennisKoppenhafer Sav19614196439218
WandaKoppenhafer 10/2219611195939120
Bob [H]Hede 52 11939195838817
RickYoung Ans 1196121901138623
DallasBaker Sav Ans1956191638612
BrightonGould Sav186417323596
AshtonNeill 10/22181417213535

l \row}

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