.22LR 50yd BR Results – 05.11.12

Emailed May 11, 2020

Dear LVSA Members and Friends:

The May 11 edition of the 2020 .22LR 50yd Bench Rest series saw conditions vary from sunny, to overcast, to gentle rain, with winds mainly from the north (green flags), with varying intensity, but dropping to near zero as the match ended, temperatures were cool. All in all, a typical mid-May Wyoming day.

Thirty-one scores were logged, two with irons and 29 with scopes. These numbers bring the total for this series to 6,002 since Match #1 in August 2011. Bruce Berg won that match with a 390-8X. Arne Moilenen placed second with a 374-6X. We’ve come a long way.

Scores were respectable (good going, shooters) with the first 400-40X of the year (congratulations Tom Spriggs). This is only the 18th 400-40X scored in 5,163 scope matches since 2011; just under 0.35%. That is a mighty high bar to reach.

Many thanks to all helpers and shooters. See you all next Monday when temps are forecast to be in the 70’s (we shall see).

And remember, on Sat May 16, the club will host our annual 100rnd/100yd HP Off-Hand match (starting time 10:00am). Also on Sun May 17, we will shoot the season’s third SB/HP Silhouette match (starting time 9:00am). Both will be directed by Roger Sebesta. Safe shooters and spectators are welcome.

Charlie Piette, Match Director

The following lists the round 1, round 2, and aggregate scores. Ties are listed alphabetically by the shooters’ last names.

TomSpriggs 40X200172001640033
RichardBird 52197111951539226
TomSpriggs 4040 1200202002040040
TomSpriggs 4040 1200192002040039
TonyCross 40X 1200182001840036
BruceBerg 40X 1200192001640035
BobHede Ans200152001740032
RichardBrown Ans200172001340030
TerrySteward CZ200152001440029
BruceBerg 40X 2199182001939937
TonyCross 40X 2199152001839933
Joe [B]Bautz Ans199162001639932
GregAnderson CZ 2199152001439929
RichardBird 40X200181981439832
GregAnderson CZ 1199151991239827
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 2199171981439731
TomSpriggs 40X199151981639731
KentSchmidlin 37 2197131991339626
DennisKoppenhafer Sav19714199639620
CharliePiette CZ198131971339526
DennisKoppenhafer 10/22196101991239522
TerrySteward Sav197111971039421
LindaJoBown 40X197151961439329
DallasBaker Win197131951039223
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 119581971139219
KentSchmidlin 37 1193111961338924
EricPerkins CZ 219191981238921
WandaKoppenhafer 10/221939191838417
KenNevins Sav1833192737510
LyndaBaker Sako182218313653
EricPerkins CZ 1170218523554
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