.22LR 50yd BR Results – 06.01.20

Dear LVSA Members and Friends:

Attendance was down for today’s .22LR 50yd Bench Rest match. The heat (90 degF at match time) and the [blank blank] wind (good thing this is a family friendly report) were definitely to blame. I think I’m going to have to rethink Precision Shooting Superstar Tony Boyer’s statement “The wind is my friend.”

Twenty-six matches were logged, only one (a brave soul) with irons, and 25 with scopes.

A steady wind is relatively easy to deal with, especially with wind flags and velocimeters. A wind varying in intensity but constant in direction presents more of a challenge depending on how often and how suddenly the intensity changes. Today’s wind varied in both direction (head wind, tail wind, up canyon, and down canyon) and intensity (roaring to mild, but tending to roaring) and the changes were frequent and quick. Consensus had it that this was as challenging a wind as we’ve had in this series. I tend to agree; a true learning experience.

Remember how I wrote after last week’s great overall performance that “pride goeth before the fall”? This week’s performance proved that to be true: no 400’s, no scores 30 and above, only two 200’s.

Larron and Hezikiah Dolence took their places on the firing line for the first time in several years. It was good to welcome them back. If all goes well we will see them Saturday June 6 at the Mid-Range Challenge. Mark your calendars, all are welcome to compete or to spectate.

As always, many thanks to all helpers and shooters.

Charlie Piette

Match Director

The following lists the round 1, round 2, and aggregate scores. Had there been any ties, they would have been listed by the shooters’ last names.

DallasBaker Ansch179218043596
CharliePiette Sako19882001439822
GregAnderson CZ 2198131991439727
DonnMolyneux 40X 2199131981339726
BruceBerg 40X 119792001239721
LarronDolence CZ 219591991539424
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X 119581991539423
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X 2197131961239325
BruceBerg 40X 2197121961139323
CharliePiette CZ 2197121951439226
KentSchmidlin 37 2195121971139223
GregAnderson CZ 3194111971339124
LarronDolence CZ 119614195739121
KentSchmidlin 37 119712194739119
DonnMolyneux 40X 119371971239019
GregAnderson CZ 119491941138820
DallasBaker Ans19281961138819
DennisKoppenhafer Win 219371941038717
DennisKoppenhafer Win 11927194738614
CharliePiette CZ 11919194838517
HezekiahDolence CZ1925193838513
HelenNichols 10/2219010194638416
RodgerMardock Sav1853194837911
ByrlNichols 10/221856192937715
KenNevins Sav1908181637114
WandaKoppenhafer Sav1756189936415
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