.22 LR 50yd BR Results – 06.22.20

Dear LVSA Members and Friends:

Today’s .22LR 50yd Bench Rest match was the 200th since the series began back on Aug 1, 2011.

Over these years, 6,219 complete scores were logged, 860 with irons, 5,346 with scopes, and 13 with the newly added USBR Green Monster class. There have been at least 12,425 targets shot, and $14,957 gross income collected for the club. Well done.

Three competitors from that first match were shooting today: Bruce Berg (390-8X), Jerry York (373-2X), and Byrl Nichols (330-1X). Yours truly (Charlie Piette) was present but for reasons lost to history, did not shoot. Thank you all for sticking with it.

Today we had 40 matches logged, five with irons (one was a “no score recorded”), 28 with scopes (one DNF), and seven Green Monsters.

Conditions were a lot trickier that it appeared at first glance as evidenced by no 400’s, only six 200’s, both well below the season’s Scope class average. There were eight scores with 30+ X count, a bit above the average.

Thanks to all helpers and shooters. It was a good day at the range.

Tom Spriggs will be running the June 29 match. Beth and I will be taking care of some family business down in Denver. Be warned that any misbehavior will be reported and will go on your permanent records.

Be safe, and enjoy the shooting sports.

Charlie Piette, Match Director

The following lists the round 1, round 2, and aggregate scores and X counts (only one round for the GreMo targets). The relays for the scores are shown in parentheses. Ties are listed alphabetically by the shooters’ last names.

LindaJoBrown 40X19511(1)19815(2)393261
TomSpriggs 40X1979(5)19612(6)393212
JerryYork Ans19612(4)1956(5)391183
RichardBird 521907(5)19810(6)388174
WilliamShade WinNo score recordedNSR
BruceBerg 40X 120016(5)19919(6)399351
RichardBrown Ans 120018(1)19917(2)399351
Bob [T]Trebelcock 541 219814(3)20017(4)398313
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 219815(7)20015(8)398304
CharliePiette CZ19913(6)19917(7)398304
RichardBird 40X19916(7)19912(8)398286
BruceBerg 40X 219810(7)20016(8)398267
Joe [B]Bautz 40X19815(5)19912(6)397278
TerryStewart CZ19813(5)19912(6)397259
CharliePiette Sako19813(8)19817(9)3963010
KentSchmidlin 37 119816(1)19813(2)3962911
LindaJoBrown 40X19813(3)19815(4)3962812
KentSchmidlin 37 219814(3)1989(4)3962313
LyndaBaker Sako 120016(1)19515(2)3953114
RichardBrown Ans 219714(3)19816(4)3953015
Bob [T]Trebelcock 541 119714(1)19812(2)3952616
BobHede 10/22 219813(8)19711(9)3952417
DennisKoppenhafer Win19712(5)1979(6)3942118
Joe [N]Nemick CZ19916(1)1938(2)3922419
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 11969(5)19610(6)3921920
DallasBaker Win1945(1)19812(2)3921721
BobHede 10/22 11928(6)19811(7)3901922
LyndaBaker Sako 21904(3)20013(4)3901723
HelenNichols 10/221927(3)19210(4)3841724
DennisKoppenhafer Sav1929(3)1925(4)3841425
WandaKoppenhafer Sav1916(1)1814(2)3721026
ByrlNichols 10/221824(1)1882(2)370627
TomSpriggs 40X19812(8)DNF
TomSpriggs Kim2282(2)1
JerryYork 40X2243(3)2
KentSchmidlin 372230(1)3
DonnMolyneux 40X 12212(7)4
DallasBaker Ans 12120(3)5
DonnMolyneux 40X 22080(4)6
DallasBaker Ans 21820(5)7
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