.22LR 50yd BR Results – 06.29.20

Dear .22LR BR Shooters, Fan, Friends, and Foes:

First let me thank Tom Spriggs for running this .22LR 50yd Bench Rest match in my absence. Given his score in the Scope Class, he will probably want to volunteer for this duty more often. Of course, match directing is not a one man show. Tom was quick to give credit to Wanda and LindaJo for keeping thing running smoothly. My thanks to them too, as to all the shooters and helpers.

Twenty-nine scores were logged, four with irons, 21 with scopes (including one NSR), and four on the Green Monster.

I am told that it was windy in town, but calm and tricky at the range.

The next match will be held as usual, Monday July 6. Mark your calendars.

And remember, there will be a 1,000yd Mid-Range Challenge on Sunday July 5.

Be safe when celebrating Independence Day.

Charlie Piette

The following shows the round 1, round 2, and aggregate scores. The GreMo course of fire is one round of 25 into 25 bulls. If there would have been and ties, they would have been listed by the shooters’ last names.

TomSpriggs 40X19710(5)1989(5)395191
LindaJoBrown 40X19510(1)1966(2)391162
RichardBird 521959(3)1905(4)385143
JerryYork Ans1896(2)19411(3)383174
TomSpriggs 40X20020(6)20020(6)400401
RichardBird 40X20012(5)20013(6)400252
Joe [B]Bautz 40X19915(5)20015(6)399303
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X 119913(4)20015(5)399284
RichardBrown Ans 219915(3)20012(4)399275
BruceBerg 40X 219912(3)20013(4)399256
LindaJoBrown 40X20019(3)19813(4)398327
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X 219813(6)19917(7)397308
DennisKoppenhafer Win 119812(3)19910(4)397229
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 219914(7)1987(8)3972110
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 120012(5)1978(6)3972011
RichardBrown Ans 119919(1)19715(2)3963412
BruceBerg 40X 119816(1)19813(2)3962913
DallasBaker Win19712(1)19911(2)3962314
Joe [N]Nemick CZ19911(1)19615(2)3952615
BobHede 5219614(5)19812(6)3942616
DennisKoppenhafer Win 219511(5)1999(6)3942017
LyndaBaker Sako 219514(3)19613(4)3912718
LyndaBaker Sako 119714(1)19310(2)3902419
WandaKoppenhafer Sav1919(1)1928(2)3831720
JackMease MeSplno score recordedNSR
JerryYork 40X2282(1)1
DallasBaker Ans2192(3)2
DonnMolyneux 40X 22171(2)3
DonnMolyneux 40X 12163(1)4
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