.22LR 50yd BR Results – 07.13.20

Dear Mid-Summer SB BR Shooters and Everyone Else:

It’s summertime, and while the livin’ might be easy, the shootin’ certainly wasn’t – especially in the winds present in the later relays of today’s .22LR 50yd Bench Rest match.

Our so called Friend the Wind put on quite a varied display today, something to wonder at and hope (in vain) to never see again. But we do live in the Wind River Basin which was not named ironically (e.g. a big guy nicknamed “Tiny” or a short fellow nicknamed “Stretch”).

Today’s was our “hump” match: 11 matches up to this point, 11 to follow. Twenty-seven scores were logged, three with irons, 20 with scopes, and four against the Green Monster.

Larron Dolence was with us again up from New Mexico. He plans to shoot in Saturday’s Mid-Range Challenge (mark your calendars).

Thanks to all shooters, scorers, set-up crew, take-down crew, sweepers, and egg suppliers. You are all truly appreciated.

Charlie Piette, Match Director

The following shows the round 1, round 2, and aggregate scores and X counts. The relay in which the score was shot is noted in parentheses. If there had been any ties, they would have been listed by the shooters’ last names.

TomSpriggs 40X19711(1)19510(2)392211
RichardBird 521958(1)19411(2)389192
LindaJoBrown 40X1884(1)19712(2)385163
RichardBrown Ans 120016(1)20018(2)400341
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X 120016(1)20014(2)400302
TomSpriggs 40X 119916(3)20014(4)399303
BruceBerg 40X 119914(1)20013(2)399274
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X 219712(3)20016(4)397285
LarronDolence CZ19813(5)19914(6)397276
TomSpriggs 40X 219712(5)20014(6)397267
TerrySteward CZ20013(3)19711(4)397248
DallasBaker 541XT19811(1)19810(2)396219
BruceBerg 40X 220016(3)19511(4)3952710
Joe [N]Nemick CZ19712(1)19711(2)3942311
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 119614(3)1979(4)3932312
RichardBird 40X 120012(3)1929(4)3922113
RichardBrown Ans 220010(3)19210(4)3922014
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X 319311(5)19811(6)3912215
GregAnderson CZ19712(4)1946(5)3911816
LindaJoBrown 40X19715(3)19310(4)3902517
CharliePiette CZ19213(5)19712(6)3892518
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 21948(5)19511(6)3891919
RichardBird 40X 219311(5)1948(6)3871920
DonnMolyneux 40X 12300(1)1
DonnMolyneux 40X 22222(2)2
DonnMolyneux 40X 32180(3)3
DallasBaker Ans1890(3)4
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