2013 02 02~03 Gallery Match results


FEB., 2 2013

The Ground Hog day 3 position match was fired by 2 sharpshooters.  Sebesta posted more points in prone than usual and Heitler dropped more than his usual in prone.  The USA/NRA 50 target was used in the 600 point possible event.

Line score                              Prone      Standing                                Kneeling                Agg

Sebesta, Roger                     197          142                          166                          505  Match winner

Heitler, William                     178          134                          165                          477  First Sharpshooter



Racy Clark was a leader in getting the LVSA organization formed, was instrumental in getting a junior shooting program off the ground and contributed many hours and funds to firmly establish the shooting sports to Lander.  He passed away about 10 years ago.

The 100 shot off-hand match was an event Racy started.  It uses the A 17 target and is fired in 20 shot/ 20 minute relays with breaks between relays.  Rifles can use any sights and generally are the position rifles, however rifles can be loaded from magazines which opens the field to sporters.  Heitler and Thomas used irons and show that scopes are not necessary to win.

Rifleman              class     target scores                                                                                    Agg

Heitler, William     SS    88-0  84-1  91-3  89-0  94-3  90-3  93-5  87-0  94-5  95-6      905-26 MWinner

Sebesta, Roger     SS    85-1  82-2  80-0  86-2  88-1  86-2  90-0  80-2  79-1  91-0      847-11

Thomas, Daniel    MK   84-0  86-1  89-1  87-1  89-1  83-3  81-0  84-0  86-2  87-1      856-10 1st MK

  A special thank you to Bill Heitler, Sheridan for coming to shoot the weekend events.   These were the last ‘open’ events for 2012-2013 gallery season. 

 Roger Sebesta  match director  

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