Mid-Range Challenge Results – 08.18.18

August 18, 2018

Dear 600yd HP Fans:

Cool temperatures, overcast skies, and switching winds greeted the competitors in today’s Mid-Range Challenge. The conundrum: mirage or flags – one never knows which to believe. The answer: who knows?

Travel, work, and school cut down on attendance, but still seventeen scores were logged, 10 in Match #1, 7 in Match #2.

We were pleased to welcome Wanda Koppenhafer and Dan Wanfalt to the firing line. Hopefully they will become regulars in these matches.

Many thanks to all who helped set-up, worked the pit, cleaned up, and of course shot the match. You are truly appreciated, and as always, a good time was definitely had by all.

The next Mid-Range Challenge will be held Sunday Sept 2. This will be a 1,000 yard match. We will be setting up at noon on Saturday Sept 1 (moving benches, deciding targets, etc.). Volunteers are needed. Watch your email for details.

Charlie Piette
Match Director
Match 1 points X count
Tom Spriggs 100 5
Joe Bautz 100 3
Dan Thomas 99 7
Donn Molyneux 99 1
Charlie Piette 98 3
Dennis Koppenhafer 96 4
Dan Wanfalt 94 1
Greg Anderson 94 0
Mindy Supino 86 1
Wanda Koppenhafer 63 1

Match 2 points X count
Joe Bautz 100 5
Tom Spriggs 100 4
Dan Thomas 99 7
Donn Molyneux 99 3
Charlie Piette 99 2
Greg Anderson 98 3
Mindy Supino 92 0

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