2017 Programs:

3P Gallery

100 Yd .22 Bench Rest Shoot (Winter)

100 Yd .22 Bench Rest Shoot (Summer)

50 Yd .22 Bench Rest Shoot

100 Shot Offhand

Cowboy Action

Lever and Plink Silhouette Program

Long Range Precision Shooting

Mid-Range Challenge

SB-HP Silhouette

Shot Racy Clark Offhand

2017 Wyoming State Junior Olympic Three-Position Air Rifle Championship

NRA National Junior Indoor Sectional Rifle Championships and Open Air Pistol Sectional

2018 Championship Rifle Silhouette (July)

2 Responses to Programs

  1. Jacob Nation says:

    Good afternoon,
    Is there anywhere in the area that does IDPA or anything similar? Are there any trap clubs around anymore?

    Jacob Nation

  2. JIM SHEARER says:

    Very glad to see that you have SASS cowboy action.

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