Joining the LVSA

Lander Valley Sportsmen’s Association
PO Box 1113, Lander, WY 82520
Affiliated with NRA-CMP-WSSA

Our outdoor range is located at 8474 Highway 789, just NE of Lander. This range offers a pistol and small bore rifle range with targets to 50 yards, and a high power rifle range, with target ranges from 50 yards to 1,000 yards and a silhouette course for high power and small bore rifle and pistols. The range is only accessible through a locked gate and is available to members and guests, unless a scheduled match or other activity is in process.

Our indoor range is located at 775 Garfield St. in downtown Lander. This range houses our meeting room and has a 50-ft. range for .22 rimfire rifles and pistols and airguns only.

The L.V.S.A. sponsors the following activities:

Hunter education classes for adults and juniors. A junior section for rifle training.
Basic marksmanship courses for ladies and juniors. A public sight-in day at our outdoor range.
Registered and approved rifle and pistol matches. Personal protection classes for adults.

Meetings are held at the indoor range at 7:30 pm on the first Wednesday of each month, September through May, unless this falls on a holiday or at such time and place as may be set by the Executive Committee.”

Joining the L.V.S.A.

Family dues are $80.00 for all immediate family members living in the same household, with a $25.00 credit for belonging to the NRA and an additional $25.00 credit for helping at a club activity. Members living more than 35 miles from Lander are given the work credit automatically.

A $5.00 deposit for outdoor range key and $5.00 deposit for the indoor range keys is required. An orientation tour is also required for use of the indoor range.

Dues will be pro-rated for new members joining anytime during the year on the following basis: September or December $55.00, January through May $40.00, June through August $55.00 (pays through Sept 1 of the following year).

Each new member will receive the following items when they join.
1. Membership card 3. The LVSA outdoor range schedule for that year
2. A copy of the range rules 4. A key to the outdoor range

Each year, all current members will receive four mailings, on the following schedule:
August: Membership renewal notice.
September: Newsletter.
December: Newsletter and outdoor range schedule for the upcoming calendar year.
May: Newsletter and annual fundraising raffle tickets.

Member / Guest Policy
LVSA members are welcome to bring their guests to our ranges on the following basis:

1. A paid member must accompany all guests. Members are not allowed to lend their range keys to non-members.

2. Local guests are limited to three range visits per year. If such guests want to enjoy the LVSA facilities more frequently, then they need to become paying members.

3. Non-local guests are not limited to a specific number of range visits per year, due to the infrequent opportunities they would have to enjoy the facilities.

For more information, visit our web site or contact Charlie Piette 438-1069.

(revised 09.20.12)

The following form should be completed and mailed to LVSA, PO box 1113, Lander, WY 82520

This is a form fillable document, which means that you can type in all of your information before printing the page.

9 Responses to Joining the LVSA

  1. Johnny Kerr says:

    I am moving to lander from valdez alaska and interested in joining your organization, do I need to attened a meeting to join or can it be done online and receive the orientation at the next meeting.

    • Jeff Wendt says:


      There’s a form on the website that you can fill out. Follow the instructions and mail it in with a check. Dues are pretty reasonable, and if you’re an NRA member they are even cheaper.

      The range is quite nice. If you want to use the indoor range, you’ll need an orientation. If you need a tour of the outdoor range, you can let Charlie know and I’m sure he’d be happy to show you the place, but otherwise you can just enjoy it.

  2. Whitney Anderson says:

    I would like to take a beginner hand gun class. When will you be offering one?

  3. Thomas Moore says:

    Do you folks shoot any NRA BPCR Silhouette matches?

  4. William L Hayes says:

    I am a single household. Do I pay the same dues as a family?
    How much would be my dues for Aug thru Oct as a member of the NRA?

  5. Ashton Simms says:

    I moved to Rock springs and this seems to be the closest club/organization to me that is recognized by the CMP. I am in college. Do I need to be have residency first? And if it’s just me what is the fee?

    • Jeff Wendt says:

      Ashton– No, you do not need to be a resident of Wyoming. Individual rate is the same as family rate, but still quite affordable. Look under Club Information – Joining the LVSA ( for information on joining. Rates are $80 per year, but NRA membership takes $25 off, so $55. A work credit further reduces the rate.

  6. Michael Davis says:

    Do you all have a new member application for 2020 or can the 2018 application work?

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