Range Rules

REMINDER to all members and law enforcement agencies;

1] Eye and hearing protection is required on all users and spectators.

2] The range officer on the pistol range will call for a CEASE FIRE when anyone is exposed in the parking area south of the firing line or on the hill side to the east.

3] Shooting metal targets with center fire ammo at less than 50 yards is inherently dangerous. Targets should be positioned to minimize back splash. Lander Valley Sportsmen’s Association cannot and will not be responsible for accidents.

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Lander Valley Sportsmen’s Association


1. Range safety must be practiced and enforced at all times.

2. MEMBERS are responsible for range rule enforcement. The range officer, when present, is the final authority.

3. All firearms must be holstered, cased, or unloaded with the action open and be in a gun rack except when firing.

4. The use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted at any time.

5. Shooting at glass bottles is not allowed. After the shooting session, please clean-up after yourself and take home target materials you brought to the range.

6. Club sponsored matches and clinics are open to the public, and will be advertised as such. Vacant portions of the range may be used only with approval of the range officer.

7. Anyone firing at range property or equipment may have their membership suspended, and may be subject to prosecution. Only targets approved by the range officer may be used.

8. Range keys are not to be loaned to non-members, and the gates should be kept closed and locked except during matches and clinics.

9. All persons using the range must agree to abide by these rules; persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

10. Only one shooter and one coach are allowed per shooting point, and only one firearm is allowed per point.

11. The muzzle of loaded firearms must be pointed downrange at all times.

12. Shooters must load and unload their own firearms. Loaded firearms may not be handed to another person. Do not change firing points with a loaded firearm. Do not remove a jammed or malfunctioning firearm from the firing line.

13. On the command “CEASE FIRE” all firearms must be unloaded and put down with the muzzle pointing downrange. Do not touch it again until given further instructions.

14. Ear and eye protection must be worn by all persons on the firing line at all times.

15. Club meetings are at 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of the month, September through May, at the indoor range at 775 Garfield St.



2 Responses to Range Rules

  1. Lemuel Black jr says:

    If I’m not a member can I still come use the range

    • Jeff Wendt says:

      You can visit the range a limited amount with another member. You cannot access the range in general without a membership, as the entrance has a padlock and members have keys. Membership is extremely affordable and well worth the price.

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