Who are we?

Lander Junior Rifle and Pistol Club

The Lander Junior Rifle and PistolClub (LJRPC) was established in 1951. We shoot smallbore rifles and air rifles, as well as smallbore and air pistols, in both NRA and Olympic style competitions.

Minimum age for membership is 12 (10 if accompanied by a parent), and we usually have one 18 year old (they are eligible through the end of the year they turn 20, but most leave for college).

We have had four national junior champions come from the club (two since 1992), and many state champions. We also have fielded several state championship teams in the past several years.

Annual dues (Oct thru April) are $10.00, and the only additional costs are ammunition on a weekly basis ($1.00 for 50 rounds of .22 or $5-7 for a tin of 500 pellets). Rifles, pistols, and equipment are provided by the club, however those kids who decide to make this their primary sport usually start looking for their own equipment after a few years.

We shoot on Monday (rifle and pistol) from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, and new shooters are required to take our basic rifle or pistol marksmanship class (five Thursday evenings), or have approval due to prior experience before joining the club.

We have several NRA/USAS Certified rifle and pistol coaches, each of whom keep up with what’s new through continuing education.

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