LVSA Officers and Contact Information

President Roger Sebesta 335-9323

Vice President Caroline Cain 332-6478

Secretary/Treasurer Charlie Piette 438-1069

Chief Range Officer Bruce Campbell 332-2524

Chief Instructor Marla Lemm 332-3158

Directors: Tom Spriggs
Marla Lemm 332-3158
Dudley Irvine 332-9714
Donn Molyneux 349-5640

8 Responses to Officers

  1. Marty Turner says:

    I would like some more info on your mid range challenge. Please email at,

  2. Rick Young says:

    I am interested in joining and shooting the 22 50 yard. When is the next shoot or practice? Thank you

    • Jeff Wendt says:

      Rick: The 50-yard .22 LR shoot is every Monday through the summer. There’s a fairly good turnout of folks with both scoped and iron sight rifles every week. The shoot starts at 3pm, but people are still trickling in after 5pm. Highly recommended good time.

  3. Charmayne Heiden says:

    We are visiting fro. The Western Slope of Colorado and are in Lander 2/20 and 2/21. We are wondering if it’s possible to visit you outdoor range. We aren’t looking to shoot. Just want to see it. Is that possible!?

  4. A.J. GUINTA says:

    My name is Aj guinta from kemmerer wyoming and I am interested in joining your guys club. I was wondering if you guys are going to shoot small bore rifles this year and the schedule.

  5. Matt Hutson says:

    Who won the recent raffle to help rebuild the rifle range shelter ? I’ve never seen any mention of it on County 10 or anywhere else. Thanks

  6. Jim Barkdull says:


    I’m growing a wild hair to make a warmer weather trip from Idaho to Lander for a visit. I looked up the LVSA to see where I could shoot and found you are the President. If I can put it together I would bring my .36 cal flintlock and my ShilohSharps .40/65. That would be a fine trip for me to visit with you and shoot with you as well. No date has been set as it is just now a good thought. What do you think of this? Jim

  7. John Cole says:

    My name is John Cole and I am a member of LVSA. I need to find someone (a club member) that can drill and tap the case head of one of my fired cartridges. The modified case would be for use with my Hornady Lock-N-Load Overall Length gauge. It is called a “modified case”. I will provide the drill & tap to do this work. I simply need to find the person that has the lathe to do the machine work. My guess is the total project would take no more than 10 minutes at the most. Can you recommend someone here in Lander, hopefully in the club, that might do this work for me? I understand that a standard machinist pay rate will be assessed for this work.
    John Cole

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