Mid-Range Challenge Results – 09.02.18

September 2, 2018

Dear LVSA Members and Friends:

The first order of business is to thank all those who showed up yesterday to move four benches from the pistol range down the road 400 yards to the berm where we set up for the 1,000yd shoot. The old Chinese proverb, “Many hands and a few pick-ups and trailers make light work,” was never more true.

The second order of business is to thank all who helped today, match day, with the set-up, the pit work, the spotting, the clean-up, providing tables, chairs, shade, water, and returning the benches to the pistol range. [See the old Chinese proverb above.] And of course, the shooters.

Now on to the competition.

Thirty-four scores were logged in three matches; one match at 600 yards (12 scores), and two matches at 1,000 yards (12 and 10 scores)

Match #1 was shot at the traditional 600 yard distance using the NRA’s SR-3 target (labeled Official Competition 300yd Rapid Fire target). We shot from the berm with the targets set-up in the 200yd pit. It was a bit more challenging doing pit work without an impact berm directly behind the pit, but the crews did well.

Match #2 and Match #3 were at 1,000 yards. We shot from the berm with the targets set-up in the 600 yard pit using targets marked “B Centers” (dimensions of the rings will follow in a future email). The challenge here was determining how many minutes elevation had to be added to the 600 yard setting to get on target. But with spotters complimenting the marksmanship skills of the competitors, the job got done.

The results follow.

All competitors agreed that the 1,000yd match was well worth the effort (and frustration), More 1,000 yard matches will be included in the program in years to come.

This was the last scheduled weekend for the 2018 Mid-Range Challenge events. The first match was cancelled due to weather. We are looking into the possibility of scheduling a make-up 600 yard match sometime this month. Watch your email for details.

Charlie Piette
Match Director

600 yd
Match points X count
Bruce Berg 100 5
Pat Surline 100 4
Dan Thomas 100 4
Greg Anderson 100 3
Tom Spriggs 100 3
Charlie Piette 100 2
Joe Bautz 99 3
Donn Molyneux 99 2
Dennis Prendergast 98 5
Neal Wilkinson 98 2
Jason Wilson 96 1
Jason Crotteau 89 0

1,000 yd
Match 1 points X count
Dennis Prendergast 99 2
Tom Spriggs 98 3
Jason Wilson 98 2
Bruce Berg 94 2
Charlie Piette 94 1
Greg Anderson 92 2
Joe Bautz 91 1
Pat Surline 90 1
Donn Molyneux 89 1
Dan Thomas 87 3
Neal Wilkinson 83 1
Jason Crotteau 80 0

1,000 yd
Match 2 points X count
Tom Spriggs 99 1
Bruce Berg 98 3
Pat Surline 98 2
Dennis Prendergast 98 1
Dan Thomas 95 9
Greg Anderson 94 2
Joe Bautz 94 2
Charlie Piette 90 1
Neal Wilkinson 87 1
Donn Molyneux 78 0

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