SB HP Silhouette Results – 04.28.19



Just one of those days when the wind takes down more targets than bullets do.  I doubt the wind ever dropped below 10MPH and gust were pushing 40.  Several times shooters had to revert to using the sight- in clangor for some of the shots.   Two shooters were welcomed back after many years away from the sport.  As the numbers show Ronald Kamp, Daniel WY, won both of the high power [HP] rifle divisions and Tony Cross, Lander WY, battled to the top in both smallbore [SB] divisions. Each rifle was contested in a 40 round match; 10 shots at each distance; 200-500 meters in HP and 40 -100 meters in SB.

The April match was fired with high power hunting rifles first on the line.   Ron Kamp toppled 17 for the win.  Tony Cross earned 1st AA with a 13.  On top of A was Roger Sebesta @ 13.

The second 40 shot event was with HP standard rifles.  Again Kamp earned the win while directing the heavier rifle to a 20.  Randy Foster, Rock Springs, took the AAA/unclassified award with 14, after a many year absence.   Cross got the AA money with 16.

A short lunch break was followed by the standard SB rifles.  The strong winds prevailed but at the shorted distances bothered the shooters hold more than the bullets flight.  Tony Cross, put 23 targets into the dirt with his new Anschutz for the match win.  He shot the only 5 in a row of the SB-H match.  Sebesta came out on top of AAA with 22.  Anthony Fuller, Wheatland WY, took AA with 11 while using his spare gun and 6X scope.  Erik Smith, Lander WY, won A with 19 targets down.

The last 40 of the day was with SB hunting rifles.  The wind continued to make shooting difficult for most but Cross proved he could trip the trigger at the proper time and posted a 28 for the win.  He fired the only 10 in a row of the day.  It was on the 60 meter pigs.  That gives him another leg toward his ‘slam’ pin. Twenty gave Sebesta 1st AAA.  Fuller got a 5 in a row on chickens toward his class AA win at 14.  Erik Smith took class B and moved himself into A with a fine 22 and a 5 in a row on pigs.

Fred Lindig, Rock Springs WY, is the other returning shooter and he’ll be in class B with his standard SB and HP rifles next match.  As in many other shoot sports you fire your 1st match in the highest class available to establish your classification for future matches.  Then earn higher classifications by shooting higher scores.  This classification system puts talent and equipment in competition with similar, giving shooters a chance at class wins or the high overall match win.

The May event will be on the 26th with SB taking the line 1st.  Don’t forget the 100 shot HP, 100 yard match in the 25th.  Drop a note if you need the program or check

Enjoy the shooting sports.  Best wishes, Roger Sebesta, Match Director ffff

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