.22LR 50yd BR Results – 07.06.20

Dear .22LR 50yd BR Shooters and Friends:

HOT 94: degF on the thermometer in the shade in the shooting shed; SUNNY: hardly a cloud in the sky, certainly not enough to provide shade on the range; WINDY: varying in both direction and intensity – and still, with many of our regulars otherwise occupied with Independence Day activities, twenty-seven scores were logged, four with irons, 18 with scopes, and five on the Green Monster in today’s .22LR 50yd Bench Rest match. All in attendance should receive a well-deserved pat on the back.

Weather permitting, there are still 12 matches scheduled in this series this season. Mark your calendars for Monday July 13. Set-up usually begins at around 1430 with shooting beginning at 1500.

As always, thanks are offered to all helpers and shooters, with special thanks this week to Richard Bird and Tom Spriggs for mowing down the weeds on the range. Great job, guys.

Charlie Piette, Match Director

The following lists the round 1, round 2, and aggregate scores and X counts. The relays on which the scores were logged are shown in parentheses. The GreMo matches are only one round of 25 shots, one shot into each of 25 bulls (max score possible: 250 – 25X). Ties are listed alphabetically by the shooters’ last names.

TomSpriggs 40X19714(3)20014(4)397281
LindaJoBrown 40X19612(1)1949(2)390212
RichardBird 521966(2)19410(3)390163
JerryYork Ans1916(2)1928(3)383144
RichardBrown Ans 220015(3)20015(4)400301
BruceBerg 40X 120017(1)19917(2)399342
RichardBrown Ans 119916(1)20018(2)399342
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X 220018(6)19916(6)399342
Joe [B]Bautz 40X19913(4)20016(5)399295
TomSpriggs 40X 219917(6)19917(6)398346
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 219913(4)1999(5)398227
TomSpriggs 40X 119918(5)19816(5)397348
GregAnderson CZ19814(5)19912(6)397269
BruceBerg 40X 219712(3)19919(4)3963110
LindaJoBrown 40X19813(3)19813(4)3962611
BrightonGould Sav/Ans 119714(2)19912(3)3962611
Bob [T]Trebelcock 40X 119815(4)19811(5)3962611
Joe [N]Nemick CZ19815(1)19711(2)3952614
RossAnderson CZ19611(3)19913(4)3952415
RichardBird 40X19815(4)1948(5)3922316
CharliePiette CZ19811(1)1939(4)3912017
DallasBaker Win1973(1)1937(2)3901018
DonnMolyneux 40X 22241(1)1
DonnMolyneux 40X 32221(2)2
JerryYork 40X2201(3)3
DonnMolyneux 40X 12151(3)4
DallasBaker Ans2092(1)5
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