SB/HP Silhouette Match Report – 03.20.16

LVSA Rifle Silhouette Match
Mar. 20, 2016

An absolutely gorgeous day for the first full day of spring and the first silhouette match of the year. Four riflemen tried to brush off the rust acquired over winter and fired in the two rifle divisions, each having a 40 shot course of fire. The 20 degree set-up temps rose to the mid-50 with wind flags barely moving and easily seen mirage.

The event got underway with smallbore .22’s. Ron Kamp, Daniel, WY won the AAA class @ 25. Tony Fuller, Wheatland, WY topped AA with 21. Class A winner is Tony Cross, Lander @17. Sebesta’s 28 was match winner.

Next up were the .22 hunting rifles and a shoot off determined Tony Cross was the match winner @ 26. That left Sebesta’s 26 to take the master class. Fuller’s 25 was top in AA and nearly made a 3 way shoot-off.

High power hunting rifles came to the line after a lunch break. Kamp left no doubt, taking the win with a 25 shooting a Bobcat [6.5-250]. Cross’s 6.5X55 failed to topple a ram with a good solid hit in the shoulder but then took down a ram in a shoot-off to win AA @ 10.

Last 40 shots of the day were with the high power rifles. Kamp put 23 onto the ground for the win. Cross, using his hunting rifle took class A with 16.

The next rifle silhouette event at Lander is April 17. All safe shooters are welcome.
See the full program at or contact via email

Roger Sebesta
Match Director

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