Meeting Minutes – 09.07.16

LVSA Membership Meeting Minutes Sept 7, 2016

Called to order at 7:30PM by President Sebesta. Six Board members present (Sebesta, Cain, Piette, Campbell, Molyneux, Newell), plus 11 members; 17 attendees total.

Minutes from May 4, 2016, were read. Move by Molyneux, 2nd by Nichols to approve as read. Passed by a voice vote.

Treasurer’s repost by Piette: as of Aug 30, there was $21,650 available in checking, $1,205 in savings. Membership ended the year (Aug 31) at 304. Major income items (3 months of summer): dues $2,750, raffle $1,380, ammo $1,144; major expense item: property and liability insurance $2,738.

Shooting Committee:

Summer events were held as scheduled. These included the .22LR 50yd BR series (Piette), .22LR 100yd BR series, Plinker Silhouette (York), 100yd/100rnd HP, SB/HP Silhouette matches including the State Championship (Sebesta), Mid-Range Challenges (Campbell & Newell), and of Cowboy Action shooting (Oliver). There are no changes to report to the published schedule for September.

Range and Facilities Committee:

No date set for range work. TruValue “Tudor Brown” is the paint color for the outdoor buildings.

Junior Club News

No report on the Juniors except that the program at the indoor range will resume in October.

Old Business
1] Lock at outdoor range changed Sept 7.
2] Approximately 2,500 raffle tickets sold to date. More are available.
3] No reply yet from the Corps of Engineers on the Range License renewal.
4] Indoor range floor painting to be done soon. Discussion on renting or buying a carpet cleaner. Move by Molyneux, 2nd by Cross to purchase unit not to exceed $300. Passed by a voice vote.
5] NRA grant deadline Nov 10. Newell and Piette to file for grant. Newell found out the Wyoming Indian HS teacher will cut and weld the targets if the club furnishes the material. WYCO, Mills, WY or Hasco, Riverton suggested for metal.
New Business
1] Discussion to partake in a Safety presentation at the firehouse 6 – 8 pm Oct 13. Piette [and others?] will man the LVSA table. NRA booklets and the Four Rules of Gun Safety will be available.
2] Match Directors and instructors are advised to work on dates and programs for the 2017 schedule. Piette to coordinate. Approval scheduled for Nov 2 meeting.
3] Jeff Wendt’s range measurements were discussed. Sebesta suggested moving the HP Ram line 69ft further out [to be confirmed]. Sebesta suggested Precision Dirt Works look at the situation and provide an estimate.
4] October Show & Tell: Hunt reports.
5] Additional .22LR ammo purchase discussed. Move by Molyneux, 2nd by Cross to order 16 cases of SK Standard Plus from Good Shooting Inc. Passed by voice vote. Action: Piette.
6] Jeff Wendt will take over responsibility for the LVSA website from Brian McCoy.
7] Next Basic Pistol class tentatively scheduled for Nov 8, 10, 12 (range).
8] Thomas called attention to the Governor’s 100 shooting program and suggested that club members watch for further updates.
9] National Hunting and Fishing Day will be Sept 24. No club activities planned to celebrate this.

Next meeting Wed October 5, 2016, 7:30pm
Show & Tell: Fall hunting and shooting plans.
Show & Tell for Oct: hunting reports.
Send your suggestions for future S & T’s to Sebesta or Piette
Adjourned at 8:30pm.
Distributed by Piette Oct 2, 2016

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