Mid-Range Challenge Results – 07.13.19

July 13, 2019

Dear Mid-Range [600yd] Shooters and Others:

Warm temperatures and interesting winds greeted the competitors in today’s Mid-Range Challenge. Twenty-six scores were logged in two matches.

The Match 1 winner was determined by a shoot-out between Tony Cross and Dennis Prendergast both of whom finished with scores of 100 – 6X. One sighter and three shots later, Dennis emerged victorious. This was Dennis’ second 100 – 6X shoot-out victory, the first taking place back on June 15 when Keegan Dentici went down swinging after one shot (no sighters).

Two new participants joined our ranks today: Daryl Lutz’ father Bob, and Jared Beck’s father-in-law Brian Simpson. Hopefully they will be back on the firing line in the near future.

Many thanks to all who helped with the match, especially the set-up, take-down, and pit crews. You make my job as Match Director easy.

An astute observation was made between matches by my six year old grandson Gabriel Dentici (Keegan’s younger son). “There are lots of old people here.” Who says those boys from Oklahoma don’t have a grasp for the obvious?

Pit Crews: as every shooter knows, changing conditions promote changing points of impact and thus changing scores – usually not for the better. Consequently, those working the pits are urged to not only be as accurate as possible (that is the main job) but to be as quick as possible. Those on the line will appreciate it.

Our next match is scheduled for Sunday August 4. Set-up starts at 8:00 am. Mark your calendars, tell your friends. A good time will be had by all.

Charlie Piette

Match Director

The following shows the scores and X counts for both matches. Ties below first place are sorted by the shooters’ last names.

Match 1 points X count
Prendergast Dennis 100 6
Cross Tony 100 6
Berg Bruce 100 5
Trebelcock Bob 100 5
Surline Pat 100 4
Piette Charlie 100 2
Beck Jared 99 2
Hede Bob 99 2
Anderson Greg 98 5
Bautz Joe 98 5
Dentici K. (22-250) 98 3
Dentici K. (6-47) 97 3
Lutz Bob 96 2
Simpson Brian 95 0
Lutz Daryl 91 2
LeFaivre Mark 82 0
Match 1 points X count
Bautz Joe 100 5
Anderson Greg 100 4
Trebelcock Bob 100 4
Prendergast Dennis 100 3
Cross Tony 99 7
Berg Bruce 99 2
LeFaivre Mark 98 2
Piette Charlie 97 1
Surline Pat 97 1
Dentici K. (22-250) 93 2


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