Feb 3, 2016 Meeting Minutes

LVSA Membership Meeting Minutes February 3, 2016

Called to order at 7:30PM by President Sebesta. Six Board members present (Sebesta, Cain, Piette, Campbell, Lemm, Spriggs), plus twelve members; 18 total.

Minutes from January 6, 2016 were read. Move by Lemm, 2nd by Moore to approve as read. Passed by a voice vote.

Treasurer’s repost by Piette: as of January 31, there was $18,534 available in checking, $1,203 in savings. Membership stood at 247.

Shooting Committee:

January events were held as scheduled. There are no changes to report to the published schedule for February.

Range and Facilities Committee:

Kyle Carper completed the storage vault. It has been installed and being used. Members are invited to take a look after the meeting. The project came in under the $500 approved. [$405.82]

Junior Club

The Lander Junior Rifle and Pistol Club did very well at the Junior Olympic match in Cheyenne in January. At least three earned slots at the May Junior Olympics in Colorado Springs. Flint Pokorny and Klye Carper thanked the club for the team tee shirts. Flint was wearing his and showed the design to all. [$180 approved, $150 spent.]

A well attended 4-H shooting continues on Mondays afternoons.

Old Business
1] Past shooter’s OK’d the rifle purchase for use in the raffle. A discussion held on the quantity and price of the tickets. Move by Piette to stay as has been in the past [$1.00 each, book of six for $5.00], 2nd Campbell. Passed by a voice vote.

New Business
1] Winter Fair: LVSA received approval from the school board to run booth as in past. Cain asked for sign up and will fill slots via Email or home phone.
2] Roy Brown was introduced. He offered his credentials and willingness to conduct pistol classes. He presented an overview of the program he would use based on the NRA basic pistol with added range time and some of the Personal Protection information from the NRA-PP course.
The video portion of the class will be at the Wind River Sports meeting room in order to use the DVD material. LVSA indoor and outdoor ranges will also be used and help from the club will be required for the range sessions.
LVSA to purchase material, expected cost $40 per student. Dates to be determined as NRA materials on back order. Move by Campbell, 2nd Galliger to proceed. Passed by a voice vote.
3] Dallas Baker informed the membership of how plastic sheet rock anchors [4 x 6 x 8 x 7/8”] could be used as snap caps. He demonstrated how his 1911 style pistol will feed them through the magazine.
4] Ron Pieracini requested a ‘firing line be painted’ at the outdoor range. He told of having set up after moving a bench to the front edge of the concrete apron. After some firing another shooter set up on a bench without moving his bench forward. Ron thought having a line would prevent someone from shooting from behind another shooter. Piette will email membership reminding them of sportsmanship and safety issues. Baker commented that 1st one present is the ‘chief’ range officer.
5] Per the LVSA By-Laws, all five of the club’s officers and two of the four Board members are up for election every two years. The year 2016 is an election year. The election will be held at the club’s March 2 meeting.
The officers and Board members in question are:
President – Roger Sebesta
Vice President – Caroline Cain
Secretary / Treasurer – Charlie Piette
Chief Instructor – Marla Lemm
Chief Range Officer – Bruce Campbell
Board Member – Tom Spriggs
Board Member – Chip Williams

For the record, the two Board members whose terms expire in 2018 are Dudley Irvine Jr and Donn Molyneux.

Next meeting Wed Mar 2, 2016, 7:30pm
Send your suggestions for future S & T’s to Sebesta or Piette
Adjourned at 8:34pm.
Distributed by Piette Feb 28, 2016

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