Meeting Minutes – Oct 4, 2017

LVSA Membership Meeting Minutes October 4, 2017

Called to order at 7:30PM by President Sebesta. Seven Board members present (Sebesta, Cain, Piette, Brown, Molyneux, Newell, Spriggs), plus 5 members; 12 attendees total.

Minutes from Sept 6, 2017, were read. Move by Brown, 2nd by Molyneux to approve as read. Passed by a voice vote.

Treasurer’s report: as of Sept 30, 2017, there was $21,614 available in checking, $1,205 in savings. Membership stands at 219. Form 990-N for 2016 was filed with the Feds on Sept 29, 2017. Third quarter sales tax obligation was paid to Wyo Dept of revenue on Oct 5, 2017.

Newell suggested that a portion of the funds in checking/savings be invested in a safe, longer term investment for a better return. Piette to investigate.

Shooting Committee: Calendar events were recapped. November events will proceed as scheduled. Thanks were offered to Match Director Piette for a successful .22LR BR season (top revenue earning match for the club). The 1,000yd match was deleted in deference to members sighting in their elk rifles. Maybe next year.

Range and Facilities Committee: Safety on the firing line is paramount. All using the range are reminded to follow the rules of gun safety, particularly muzzle control. The club will install plaques with Col Jeff Cooper’s Four Rules at the pistol and rifle sheds (see Old Business item 5 below).

Junior Club News: Cain noted that the Junior program started on Mon Sept 25 [6:30pm – 9:00pm]. Nine shooters are present most Mondays. Dan Thomas is now helping with the Juniors. A number of the shooters are competing in an Orion postal match.

Old Business
1] Range license: BOD to meet and respond to the Corp of Engineers [Cheyenne office] with comments.
2] The pistol range fence modification project was tabled due to inadequate space for vehicles to turn.
3] Rifle raffle raised $801. No Winter Fair or WOW revenue as well as the Past Shooters donation lowered revenue ~$450 and $250 from previous years. Winners: Tikka 3 (25-06) – Charlie Patton, CZ 452 American (.17HM2) – Pat McCoy, both LVSA members.
4] Public Sight-In day: Larry Davis chaired, 37 attendees signed in (more were present). Additional publicity is needed to increase attendance.
5] Newell and Thomas reported incidents of being “washed” by muzzles and other safety rule violations. Thomas was “too close” to a 7×57 Mauser failing on the firing line. Move by Molyneux, 2nd by Brown to purchase and install gun rule posters. Passed by a voice vote. Action: Piette.

New Business
1] There will be a Fire Hall safety show Thurs Oct 12, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, set up at 5:30pm. LVSA will hand out safety cards and Eddie Eagle material like last year. Sebesta, Piette, and Brown will man the table. Other volunteers welcome
2] The 2018 range schedule is ready for final review. Piette will get copies to the Match Directors for and last minute input. Still to be determined: Basic Pistol class field days, Long Range Precision classes, and Pistol/Rifle Nighttime shoots.
3] Discussion on pursuing a Friends of the NRA grant for electronic targets. Move by Newell, 2nd by Kerr that Molyneux and Spriggs prepare and submit the application. Passed by a voice vote.
4]. Thomas reported that a Win 52 (rifle 14) and a Lyman scope are missing from the vault. Any information on their whereabouts will be welcomed.
5] The lock on the outdoor range gate was replaced with the spare. Greg Hanks is working on the repair.
Next meeting Wed Nov 1, 2017, 7:30pm
Adjourned at 8:20pm.
Best wishes for a safe and successful hunting season.
Distributed by Piette Oct 7, 2017

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