Meeting Minutes – Feb 7, 2018

LVSA Membership Meeting Minutes February 7, 2018

Called to order at 7:30PM by President Sebesta. Eight Board members present (Sebesta, Cain, Piette, Campbell, Brown, Irvine, Molyneux, Newell), plus ten members; 18 attendees total.

Minutes from Jan 3, 2018, were read. Move by Irvine, 2nd by Molyneux to approve as read. Passed by a voice vote.

Treasurer’s report: as of Jan 31, 2018, there was $17,629 available in checking, $1,206 in savings. Membership stands at 302 (up 32 from 2017).

Shooting Committee: January events saw the cancellation due to weather of the .22LR 100yd BR match. February events will proceed as scheduled, weather permitting.

Range and Facilities Committee: Both indoor and outdoor range parking lots are covered with ice. Shooters are urged to be cautious.

Junior Club News: Due to the increase in 4-H shooters (~45 active members), the indoor range will be set aside for them M-W-F 3:30pm – 5:00pm. Three Junior Club shooters have qualified for the Junior Olympics Colorado Springs Nationals. The American Legion postal match is complete; no results yet. The NRA Junior Sectional match will be held at the indoor range on the weekend of March 17 and 18.

Old Business
1] Per the LVSA By-Laws, all five of the club’s officers and two of the four Board members are up for election every two years. This year, 2018, is an election year. The election will be held at the club’s March 7 meeting.
The officers and Board members in question are:
President – Roger Sebesta
Vice President – Caroline Cain
Secretary / Treasurer – Charlie Piette
Chief Instructor – Roy Brown
Chief Range Officer – Bruce Campbell
Board Member – Dudley Irvine Tom Spriggs
Board Member – Donn Molyneux

For the record, the two Board members whose terms expire in 2020 are Tom Spriggs and Ed Newell.
To date, no members have expressed interest in the elected positions, but all current officers and Board members have stated that if elected, they will serve another term
2] Range license: the club’s signed copy of the license was received on Feb 5, 2018. Note that the renewal process began in Apr 2016. The items needing attention this spring are the perimeter signage, and the relocation of the 600yd fence (weather is limiting access to the areas in question).
3] Molyneux reported that the FoNRA Grant request was denied due to “lack of funds to cover all requests.” He will follow-up with the NRA to see what more we can learn. Molyneux asked that a Board meeting be scheduled to evaluate this project [Piette to poll Board to determine date].
4]. Tickets for the members only raffle of a Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer are with the printer. Tickets will be $10 each on a first come first served basis. They will available at The Good Place, at Anytime Fitness, at the club’s Mar 7 and Apr 4 meetings, and from Sec / Treas Piette. The drawing will be at the May 2 meeting. The winner will have to pass the NICS background check.
5] Irvine reported on his infrared heating system evaluation. Several scenarios have been offered, but only one bid received. More work will be done.
6] Updated Memos of Understanding have been sent to the eight LEAs that use the range for training and qualification. Invoices will be out by the end of Feb.
7] The club’s CMP membership has been renewed for 2018.

New Business
1] Thanks are offered to the members who have moved snow and cut wood. This is truly appreciated.
2] No new information on Ron Hanson’s, owner of Wind River Outdoor, shotgun day at the outdoor range.
3] The year 2017 financials were presented by Sec / Treas Piette.
4] Newell updated the Hunter Rifle event: stands have been completed, hanging material has been cut [still need bolts and nuts to put the targets together]. A trial run will be needed before the events are added to the calendar.
5] No date yet for the next Basic Pistol class.
6] Johnny Kerr donated a Crossman 2000 to the Juniors. Thank you.

Next meeting Wed March 7, 2018, 7:30pm – Election Night
Adjourned at 8:05pm [a new record?]
Distributed by Piette Feb 16, 2018

Dennis Koppenhafer showed and discussed his Magnospeed chronograph after the meeting; and interesting tool.

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