Mid-Range Challenge Results – 05.18.19

May 18, 2019

Dear Friends and Fans of Mid-Range Shooting (600yds);

The predicted rain did not materialize during the second of this summer’s nine scheduled Mid-Range Challenges but the wind certainly made its presence felt, especially during the second match of the day.

Twenty-eight scores were logged inn two matches. Statistically minded readers will note that the last match with a winning score lower than 100 was back on July 18, 2018, when Jared Beck lead a small field with a 99-4x.

New shooters from Gillette and DuBois joined us today, as did new competitors from Riverton (check the names below). Hopefully they considered their trips worthwhile and will be back for the Sunday June 2nd match.

There is a certain logistical challenge to these matches (target set-up, pit crews, etc.) but with the cooperation of the participants, all ran smoothly. All please accept my appreciation as Match Director.

As noted above, the next Mid-Range Challenge is scheduled for Sunday June 2. Watch your email for details and plan to be there. Spectators are always welcome.

Charlie Piette

Match Director

The following lists the scores and X-counts for today’s two matches. Ties are listed by the shooters’ last names.

Match 1 points X count
Spriggs Tom 100 5
Berg Bruce 100 4
Anderson Greg 99 5
Parkhurst Jady 98 5
Thomas Dan 98 4
John Bear 98 3
Popkey JD 98 3
Bautz Joe 98 2
Phillips Reg 98 1
Martin Wolf 97 4
Healy Calahan 97 3
Rusch Skip 97 3
Supino Mindy 96 1
Piette Charlie 94 1
Dolence Larron 90 0
Dolence Larry 89 0
Thomas Teri 89 0
Match 2 points X count
Berg Bruce 98 4
Bautz Joe 97 3
Spriggs Tom 97 3
Popkey JD 97 2
Piette Charlie 95 2
Parkhurst Jady 95 1
Thomas Dan 94 2
John Bear 94 0
Anderson Greg 92 0
Phillips Reg 90 1
Rusch Skip 87 1
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