Mid-Range Challenge Results – 08.17.19

August 17, 2019

Dear LVSA Competitors and Friends:

The eighth match in this season’s Mid-Range Challenge began with temperatures in the mid 40’s and light winds. By the time we finished, temps had risen to the mid 80’s, the wind had picked up, and the mirage was proving to be “interesting.”

Twenty scores were logged in the two matches, 10 of which were 100’s. Nice shooting.

The first match ended in a tie between Bob Hede and Tom Spriggs, both shooting 100-7X. Our tradition calls for a shoot-off to resolve first place ties, but since Bob had left for the day (to open his shop we were told), Tom’s name is listed first by default.

Joe Bautz shot his second match on the International BR 600yd target. His neat score was 81-0X which was superimposed into our regular SR-3 target as 98-2X which is included in the Permanent Record.

As the summer draws to a close, careful readers of the schedule will note that there is only one Mid-Range Challenge remaining in 2019: Sunday September 1. You will be happy to know that both matches planned for that day will be shot from 1,000 yards.

Mark your calendars. A good (and challenging) time will be had by all.

Charlie Piette

Match Director

PS Two additional items should have been included in the Mid-Range Challenge report issued earlier today:

1] Ed Newell fielded a 45-70 rifle with a tang sight firing a 535 grain lead bullet. After getting on paper and scoring an X, he called it a day. It was an interesting rifle, certainly capable of hitting “minute of buffalo.”

2] The 600 yard storage shed saw its first day of service after the match. Major kudos to Tom Spriggs for his efforts (and minor kudos to those who helped with the installation). “Why did we wait so long?”


With the exception of the Match 1 first place (see explanation above), all ties are listed alphabetically by the shooters’ last names.

Match 1 points X count
Spriggs Tom 100 7
Hede Bob 100 7
Bautz Joe 100 5
Piette Charlie 100 5
Trebelcock Bob 100 5
Dolence Larry 100 4
Thomas Dan 100 4
Berg Bruce 100 3
Prendergast Dennis 99 6
Anderson Greg 98 2
Dolence Larron 90 3
Match 2 points X count
Berg Bruce 100 8
Spriggs Tom 100 7
Prendergast Dennis 99 6
Thomas Dan 99 6
Anderson Greg 99 4
Trebelcock Bob 98 4
Bautz Joe 98 2
Dolence Larron 97 1
Piette Charlie 97 1
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