3P Gallery Match Results 01.10.15


The temperature was a bit cool on the fingers, however the shooters took to the line and fired the 60 shot event on the USAS/NRA 50 targets. It has been several years since members of the Lander Junior Club participated. It was good to have two upcoming Champions fire the match in preparation of heading to the Junior Olympic match in Cheyenne Jan 17-18.

Name Class Prone Standing Kneeling Aggr Award

Kyle Carper M/UC 187 136 162 485 Match Winner
Roger Sebesta SS 188 130 159 477 1st
Flint Pokorny M/UC 81 141 126 348 1st Junior

The next gallery event is Feb 7, 2015. The Racy Clark 100 shot offhand match is Feb 8; fired on the A17 target which is more forgiving than the NRA 50. All safe shooters are welcome.

Roger Sebesta
Match Director

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